Affiliate Commission Chart

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Sell this many to Earn this $$ Item / Product Product Video
5 $99.00 10 Pack EMF Phone Harmonizer YES
10 $99.00 Harmonizer Body Kit  Video Coming Soon
2 $119.00 10 Pack Grounding Inserts YES
8 $106.00 Grounding Shoe Inserts YES
12 $96.00 EMF Phone Harmonizer YES
11 $97.00 10″x11″ Grounding Mat YES
8 $103.00 11″x19″ Grounding Mat YES
20 $98.00 EMF Pendant
Video Coming Soon
20 $98.00 Harmonizer Disc Set Video Coming Soon

Affiliate Benefits:

As an affiliate you will earn a 10-30% commission on all items in our store with your special affiliate link. The above chart is for your reference on setting goals for how much you want to earn. You can focus on each product individually for more success.

In the chart above the product image is a direct link to that product in the store = click on it for more information.

Share on all your social media platforms where you have a audience. You can email your link and also add it in the description of your blog posts or YouTube video(s). You can use any of our product videos, information and photos with your custom link to help you generate sales.

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Payments are made every 2 weeks to your Paypal account or by Venmo (your phone) &/or our Store Credit if you choose.

There is an EXTRA BONUS available upon request of $50 Store Credit to use in our store on Harmonizers for the following: 5 sales of 10 pack Phone discs, 10 sales of Harmonizer Body Kits or 20 sales of EMF Pendants. Limit 3 per month ($150 store credit) You will need to contact us by email with the Subject Line “Use My Store Credit” when your ready.

*Kindly message us before you launch a large promotion with a heads up.
All orders request 7-10 business days for creation.

Thank you! We look forward to partnering with you!

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