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Harmonizer Benefits

~ Harmonizer Benefits ~


Relax, Balance & Meditation

Therapy Sessions

  • When your run down and need a boost
  • Raising your vibration
  • Your mind should be clearer and may feel mentally revived to help you through your day. Use it often.
  • Before Sleep
  • Stress / Tension help
  • Upsetting Issues
  • During meditation
  • Anxiety help
  • Calming effect on body and mind
  • More relaxed breathing
  • Clarity of mind
  • Great for massage and Reiki
  • Use on the therapy area(s)

Elevated Mood

Body Sensations

Body Attunement

  • Calming tension
  • Helping you find a harmonious solution
  • Clears your head so you can think clearer
  • Enhanced awareness
  • Pain or discomfort may be relieved
  • Tension Headaches
  • Pop up pains at random
  • Use of phone, tablet or computer mouse
  • EMF Electronics affects on your body
  • Where you hold your stress
  • Consciousness Raising
  • Harmonizes your body(s)

Electricians / Computer Techs

Pregnant Moms / Children

PETS / Animals

  • Clear your body after exposure to electrical appliances by holding a disc for a few minutes.
  • Electricians need to clear daily after exposure for health benefits 
  • Harmonizers can help with minor pains often. The baby is sure to love your harmonizer.
  • Clear after exposure with cell phones, tables, TVs , wifi and video game controllers.
  • If you pet has minor pain, try a harmonizer disc on the area
  • A disc may help energize your animal if they are not feeling well or just old.
  • Try it out and let me know what you discover


You can sit your crystals on a harmonizer to clear, activate and strengthen them. Most changes can be felt in 30 seconds to 5 minutes. Keep it on longer if need be. Move it around your body if the pain moves, follow it with your harmonizer and see what happens.If your sensitive to your body and how it feels these will be your new best friend! Skin contact is how it works best. It works with your body’s natural electrical circuit.

Shungite can be used for EMF (electro-magnetic field) protection, purification of the body, general healing and well-being.

*Harmonziers are not claiming to treat any condition you have or suggest avoiding medical care. Please see a doctor you trust if you have any concern for your body.