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EMF Cell Phone Protection Harmonizer Shungite Disc


EMF Advanced Harmonizer Pendant = Elite Shungite

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10 Pack EMF Cell Phone Protection Harmonizer Shungite Discs


Shungite Cell Phone EMF Protection Harmonizer is now upgraded with ELITE SHUNGITE = Great EMF assistance for your phone!

These phone Harmonizer discs are 1.75″. They are created with 5 of the most pure and powerful healing Earth minerals: ELITE Shungite, Black Obsidian, ¬†Black Tourmaline, Quartz, Copper and Silver.

Phone Harmonizer discs are our small size discs (1.75″) but are thinner so they dont add bulk to your phone. They have double sided tape to stick to your phone or phone case.

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This special mixture has 6 of the most beneficial EMF harmonizing Earth elements in it. When this mixture is touched it helps balance out the body back to Harmony, lowering electromagnetic stress that creates tension. All our Harmonizers work this way!

Make sure to have a Harmonizer in easy to find areas so you can pick one up and hold it for 20-30 seconds between your palms throughout the day. Hold it longer if you desire.

This NEW 10 pack option can be all black Harmonizer mix or you can choose the new glitter mixed in option that gives it a magical sparkle. It is subtle gold, silver and copper specs.

Can be warmed in hands until it becomes flexible, then can be glued to computer mouse where your hand lays. Warm again to reshape and flatten if desired. Skin safe and non toxic.

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Plain Black, Glitter Mixed in (Gold, Copper & Silver)

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