grounding shoe inserts

Grounding Shoe Inserts = Shungite Insoles = Earthing


Harmonizer Body Kit = Elite Shungite Jewelry + Grounding Shoe Inserts

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10 Pack Grounding Shoe Inserts


*Make sure to find out the measurement of the wearer’s foot (outside of their shoe) It’s best to send an email with the different sizes soon after you place your order. All pairs can be different sizes.

These shoe inserts go UNDER your shoe insole and will provide never ending energetic support for clearing, possible pain relief, walking endurance, a more positive outlook, emotional support, calming or energizing (which ever your body needs at the time) and plenty more benefits.

*Once you order, you can send an email with what sizes you would like these to be. Any combination of sizes up to 12″. *Note: If you can get the actual measurement of their foot size in inches out of their shoe, this insures the best fit.

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This is a SUPER deal saving tons of $$$ = Great for resale to people you know or work with or just to hand out as gifts.

NOW AVAILABLE for a limited time… HARMONIZER SHOE INSERTS bulk order = 10 pairs.

*For those of you who work with several people that are on their feet all day, these Harmonizer Shoe Inserts can make a good profit for you. Normally a pair of Harmonizer Shoe Inserts are $44 each ($440). With this deal you can make money if you want to sell these to your co-workers or friends and/or family members.

You may want to keep a pair for your self even if you have some already in your shoes. If you have house shoes and wear socks with them, you can just slide these on top inside your house shoes/slippers.


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