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11″x19″ Grounding Mat for Bed = Earthing Pad


EMF Cell Phone Protection Harmonizer Shungite Disc

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10″x11″ Grounding Mat Earthing Pad


Earthing Pad Grounded Mat for Bed 10″ x 11″ = This is like sleeping on the Earth and feeling the beneficial frequencies! Discomfort and pain are most often reduced greatly with our Harmonizers that is why this sleeping mat is so helpful! This will be something your family will pass around (if you will share 0:-)

This is for the small black Harmonizer sleeping mat that is 10″ x 11″. Even a nap on this mat for 30 minutes can improve GREATLY how you feel!!! This grounding earthing mat/pad is an ideal size for children to sleep on, to put behind your back in your work chair or while watching TV.

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This size is wonderful for under your low back, for children and to use behind you in a chair, even under a pet. Safe for all ages and pets to lay on.

You can place this under your food on the table (avoid very hot items directly on mat). You can even place it under your pets bed or food & water dish (as long as you know it wont get chewed on.

*See our XL grey sleeping mat that covers most of your back if you need/want more coverage. This small sleeping mat is about half the size of the XL sleeping mat. It is thin and flexible and very comfortable to lay on under your back. It is slightly cool to the skin at first, then it warms to your body as you fall asleep. Use a fleece blanket on top if you like. *You can sit on this mat but it will start to cleanse your lower chakras! It is more gentle on your emotions if you place this mat behind your back instead. It will still work on the painful area.

This Harmonizer sleep mat is created with 5 of the most pure and powerful  healing Earth elements. Karelia Russian shungite, black tourmaline,  quartz, copper and silver. Our Harmonizers never need to be cleared or  energetically cleansed. (You can wipe the sleeping mat with soap and water.)

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