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Stress Relief Bracelet = EMF Harmonizer = Elite Shungite & Black Onyx


10 Pack Small EMF Discs = Elite Shungite

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ELITE Shungite Harmonizer Set Discs


The Harmonizer Disc Set includes 1 of 3 sizes = Large 3.5″, medium 2.75″ and small 2″. Harmonizers are created with 5 of the most pure and powerful healing Earth elements. Made of super charged ELITE Shungite, black tourmaline, quartz, silver and copper held together in a skin safe, BPA free, non toxic form that can be washed with soap and water.

Our special one of a kind mixture works on your body with tangible results felt in the first few minutes if your sensitive to your body you will notice changes for the better like relaxing and deeper, easier breathing, more peace and calm.

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All 3 discs (Large/coaster, Medium & Small) are made from our SPECIAL Highly ADVANCED Harmonizer mixture: Elite Shungite, Black Tourmaline, Copper, Quartz and Silver. This set of Harmonizers can be very helpful in so many ways! All 3 discs are mostly black and have copper, silver and gold glitter all through them.

*Large Harmonizers will fit under a regular size water bottle.  This is also a great size for tucking in your back brace wrap or snug pants if your low back is bothering you. Holding this between your palms is excellent for meditation.

*Medium Harmonizers are great for all the small size uses and will fit under a regular size water bottle and to hold in your hands for a mintute after electronic exposure. This is a versatile size that you can use for anything. Place any size on any pain you may have and see if you notice relief.

*Small Harmonizers are great for your pocket, wallet or purse. It is great for tension headaches, 3rd eye, temples, on chest, stomach, between your palms or just to hold/squeeze lightly between fingers. Children love this size. You can use it on them before sleep if they are needing clearing, also if they have a bad dream. Its good to store it under their pillow or let them hold it for a minute or two. *May also help with gas pains and any other randoms pop up pains.  A new friend to keep with you all of the time.

All our Harmonizers are all far surpassing most everything you have ever held in your hand! This mixture is being used by Reiki Masters and therapists. Therapists said their clients relax faster when holding a Harmonizer and allow them to accomplish more.

Skin safe and non-toxic. Our Harmonizers never need clearing. Great to sit your crystals on!

These make great gifts for any and ALL electricians and computer users.

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