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10 Pack EMF Cell Phone Protection Harmonizer Shungite Discs


Stress Relief Bracelet = EMF Harmonizer = Elite Shungite & Black Onyx

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EMF Advanced Harmonizer Pendant = Elite Shungite


NOW Created with ELITE Shungite for more EMF assistance. Helpful with 5G and all electronic devices. 

This advanced Harmonizer pendant’s energy is subtle so it is comfortable to wear. Once you are holding this pendant in your hands, put your thumb on one side and your fingers on the other and take slow deep breaths while you start to meditate. Your spirit guides, God, angels or your inner knowing may bring more understanding of how it works and what it will do for you. It is a tool for enlightenment.

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This Harmonizer pendant has been in the creational works for over 4 years! It contains an ancient double copper spiral that has the ability to draw in negative energy and output positive. It is filled with our special supercharged shungite mixture that also cleanses negative energy and helps promote Harmony. 

This pendant measures one inch in diameter and contains supercharged shungite, copper, silver, quartz, black tourmaline, black obsidian and a mixture of copper, gold and silver glitter mixed in. Each pendant will be slightly unique.

Many of you know who Zorra of Hollow Earth is. Zorra says that his photo is powerful and when it is double sided, even is more effective. This Harmonizer pendant has a double sided photo of Zorra inside along with special copper double spiral and is filled with our advanced Harmonizer Shungite mixture.

If you are feeling drawn to this pendant than it is something your guides know will benefit you on your journey. 

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