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ELITE Shungite Drink Coaster 3.5″ Harmonizer Large Energy Clearing Disc


10 Pack Grounding Shoe Inserts

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Grounding Shoe Inserts = Shungite Insoles = Earthing


* BENEFITS of Harmonizer Shoe Inserts to create Earth Grounding Shoes:

  • They allow the Earthing / Grounding energy connection immediately like walking barefoot on the ground and may result in more balanced and joyous day with a bonus of possible pain and stress relief.
  • Their energy will last forever and will not need to be energetically cleared. They are self cleaning & self powered!!!
  • Many people have mentioned improvement with foot, leg, knee, hip or low back pain!
  • Your stamina may increase to allow you to walk farther and your day will be more Harmonious!
  • There will also be emotional cleansing and clearing as your chakras are becoming aligned
  • Our Harmonizers carry HIGH VIBRATIONAL frequencies from Peter Sterling’s CD = CENTER OF THE CIRCLE

TIP= Measure your foot OUT OF YOUR SHOE as your shoe size is not the same.

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Grounding Shoe Inserts Earthing Insoles Harmonizers slide under your shoe insole & connect your body with Earthing Frequencies so you can benefits all day like walking barefoot on the Earth! and Harmonizer your body’s energy

You will be IMMEDIATELY connected with EARTHING FREQUENCIES and they work to balance your chakras!

* For best fitting inserts please measure your foot as it is best to NOT use your shoe size as it is not the true inches of your feet, Then select the closest available size in the drop down menu. The last image shows what is inside your inserts.

Shoe Harmonizer Inserts make the best earthing footwear as they are thin and should not affect how your foot fits inside your shoe as long as your current shoe is not tight already. Your shoes should remain comfortable when they are placed UNDER your current insole. You may find having 2 sets is easier if you wear more than one pair of shoes.

Once you wear them you will LOOK FORWARD TO PUTTING ON YOUR SHOES! These also greatly help children and seniors!

Christine’s testimonials:

“I don’t normally wear shoes in my house but I love these so much I have a second pair in my house shoes that I put on each day when I wake up.  I am LOVING mine! I notice things flow better in Harmony when I’m wearing my Harmonizer shoe inserts. It is alot of wonderful flowing Harmonious energy! I hope you love and enjoy them as much as I do!” and “Yesterday I had my inserts in my tennis shoes and walked 2 straight hours on rock, up and down climbing stairs, moving constantly and didn’t get exhausted! I was expecting to have sore legs and be so tired but came home and worked for 5 more hours with no soreness the next day. WOW!… Christine”

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Measure your FOOT in inches:

6 inches, 7 inches, 8 inches, 9 inches, 10 inches, 11 inches, 12 inches

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