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Harmonizer Shoe Inserts

Get Earthing / Grounding benefits in your shoes! Slide these under your shoe insole for immediate benefits you can feel with a Bonus of possible pain relief!

Our special Harmonizer grounding shoe inserts allow Earth energy to immediately start going through your whole body when you put these in your shoes. Feel the positive effects on your mood, happiness level within the first minutes. Most often people experience pain relief in your feet and legs even your hips and lower back.

They are thin / flexible & go UNDER your shoe insoles.

Harmonizer Grounding Mat

Get Earthing / Grounding benefits with this Harmonizer mat! You can sleep on it for better sleep, reduced inflammation &  possible pain relief!

Our harmonizing, grounding sleep mat is also great to place your feet on. It is thin / flexible & made from 5 of the most powerful Earth minerals. It is self powered & starts working immediately on your body’s energetic balance. Better Sleep, Reduce Inflammation & Help Relieve Pain. Wake up refreshed! *See Testimonials

*2 Sizes available = XL 11″ x 19″ (shown in photo) & Regular 10″ x 11″

Hollow Earth Crystal Meditation Headbands

Smooth Crystal Headband

Goddess Crystal Headband

Bent Crystal Headband

Ancient technology for connecting with your guides in meditation, opening your 3rd eye = helps keep it open), sharping your intuition & balancing the right and left hemispheres of your brain.

All 3 headband styles work the same. This is the Goddess band designed for Billie Woodard from Zorra of Hollow Earth.

You may have heard the many recommendations from them over the last several years!

These are all made with pure copper, quartz & silver and lined with smooth leather. All band styles have an adjustable strap.

Meditation/prayer, connect to your guides & higher self easier and INCREASE your intuition! Open your 3rd eye and keep it open with this brain balancing 5D tool for ascension. *Only available to ship to US and Canada at this time.

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