Day one Testimonials

That little black circle is powerful!

 "I felt I wanted to give you info on the harmonizer. First of all I received an inner lesson to be considered. It said the disc does different things to different people. What they need most from it will happen to harmonize them. Different for each. My first try it acted as a magnet. If I kept it on longer tan 5 minutes it put me to sleep. The second time it gave me energy. Each time it applied what I needed. Keep up the good work. You are on to something!" ... Crystal (Dec. 2017)  

EMF Electronics Testimonials

Phone Sensitivity

"My hand hurts when I hold my phone so now I lay my cell phone on the 5" harmonizer plate and put it on speaker. After I touch the screen I make sure to touch the plate and I have no pain that way.    If I have to hold the phone, I try to use the speaker when possible to avoid the harm from putting it next to your head. I have 2 harmonizer strips on the back of my phone that my hand can rest on. This helps cut down on the pain from holding the phone." ... Christine  

My Desktop Computer Mouse

 "I also have a medium size Harmonizer disc under my wrist when Im using my desktop computer mouse. This really helps my hand not hurt from using the mouse. I can sure tell if the disc moves away. I quickly put it back under my wrist" ... Christine  

Refreshed and Restored

My mom was over the other day during her errand running and I could tell she was wore out. She still had alot more to do that day so I handed her my harmonizer sticks. (One goes in each hand) "I said here hold these" ... I talked with her while I watched her.

It was about 3 minutes and I noticed her smiling and her face looked revived. I could tell she was still tired from not getting enough sleep but her brain was working better and she seemed so much more alert and had was able to keep going. I was so grateful for these harmonizers that I plan to share them with anyone I come across who needs a pick me up.... Christine

Recent Testimonials Jan-Feb 2018

It balances the Parasympathetic Nervous System (PNS) Brings the body to rest, digest, etc. *Lorraine

"I love my bracelet! It is so cool. You are so talented!" *Gloria

"It acts very quickly on the live physiology of the body!" *Zara (Reiki Master)

"My friend held it and kept seeing and hearing the word SATURN" *Zara

"These are AMAZING! I sleep with one under by back and awake refreshed!" *Lillie

"These work so quick! I can get to a deeper meditation really fast now." *Jean

**No medical or health claims are being made with our Harmonizers. Everyone is different. Try on for yourself and see what results you have.

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