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Recent Testimonials

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My Sleeping Pad Experience!

OMG! I woke up with all my fingers feeling like electricity was pouring through and out of the tips. I have arthritic hands from playing piano for years and ocean kayaking and they have NEVER felt as good as they did this morning. Same with my toes – energy flowing out as if they were alive. Also, my back and neck were so relaxed and this is all with only 4 hours of sleep. Best 4 hours I’ve ever had. I’ve never had a problem falling asleep – always just the poor results on waking up. Not so today! … Bruce

I have received the beautiful necklace, I love it and the shoe inserts which are absolutely magic.

I felt pain relief right away with the shoe inserts and when I take off the shoes, I get the pain back. I need to find slippers where I can remove the shoe inserts to place the harmonizers under it, this way I can use the harmonizers longer in the day.
I thank you for you dedication in making these special harmonizers that really work. Diana

MUCH IMPROVED body harmony

I sit on your mat and sleep on your mat and wear your Harmonizer back wrap.  I’m sleeping on the mat overnight and using the other 2 on my chair at this computer.

MUCH IMPROVED body harmony! 
Love you and thank you again, Heidi

“The shoe inserts are great for grounding and balancing.” *Jane
“The Inserts are GREAT! Now I can walk pain free” *Mr. Stephens
“I love my bracelet! It is so cool!” & “I can really feel a difference with my shoe inserts” *Gloria
“Your Harmonizers act very quickly on the live physiology of the body!” *Zara (Reiki Master)
“The Shoe INSERTS helped my friends hip pain go away in 20 minutes!” *Trish
“My friend has Plantar Faciatis and the shoe inserts are helping her alot!” *Brenda
“These work so quick! I can get to a deeper meditation really fast now.” *Jean
“My friend held it and kept seeing and hearing the word SATURN” *Zara
“My shoe inserts make me feel relaxed and less stressed” *Robyn
“These are AMAZING! I sleep with one under by back and awake refreshed!” *Lillie
It balances the Parasympathetic Nervous System (PNS) Brings the body to rest, digest, etc. *Lorraine
“Thank you for my Shoe Inserts! I feel an abundance of Mana (power) running through me.” Love Ariel

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